Fresh Like You.


    The world’s most portable mouthwash ever.

    It’s small enough to fit in any pocket or purse and is TSA friendly so you’ll never have to travel without it.


    Clinically Proven

    In our world, bad breath is the villain. Lucky for you, this little guy has the super powers to defeat it, leaving you with fresh breath for 8 hours. Yeah, we tested it.


    Small but powerful.

    We’re not the biggest but we certainly pack the hardest punch. Engineered to provide value in every squirt, Fly Mouthwash offers 60 powerful uses in just a 1.62-ounce bottle.

    How it Works

    Staying fresh throughout the day has never been easier


    Get Water

    Grab a cup or take a sip of a mouthful of water (about 20ml)


    Add Fly

    Each squeeze kills 99% of bad-breath germs, helps control plaque and tartar, and leaves you feeling fresh for hours. Talk about liquid confidence.


    Swish. Rinse. Go.

    Swish until confident. Enjoy the Winter Fresh taste, rinse, and get back to your day. People are missing you out there.


    Luggage Safe

    Store it Anywhere

    King of Freshness

    So why wouldn’t you just use gum or mints?” Well, they’re just not as effective, plain and simple. Instead of eliminating bad breath, they just cover it up. It’s like putting a band aid on a pimple. Sure, you’ll hide it for now but the second that thing falls off it’s not a good look.

    Meet the Team

    The masterminds behind making smiles everyday

    Michael Bracciale

    Chief Executive Officer

    Nick Telford

    Chief Operating Officer

    Tracey Priest

    Chief Marketing Officer

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