Do You Have Any Questions?

  • What is Fly Mouthwash?

    Fly Mouthwash is a highly concentrated mouthwash stored in an extremely portable, pocket sized container. Fly gives you the power to turn water into mouthwash, anywhere.

  • How do I use Fly?

    Open the lid and lightly squeeze Fly Mouthwash (0.8ml) into your water. Once diluted, just Swish. Rinse. And Go. Enjoy the confidence of always having ultra-fresh breath.

  • What is the difference between Fly and other mouthwashes?

    Fly is the most portable mouthwash in the world. It’s designed to give you more uses than typical mouthwash while being as easy to carry as a pack of gum. Sometimes, you might even forget it’s there.

  • Are there any clinical benefits?

    Fly Mouthwash has been proven to keep your breath fresh for up to 8 hours, kill 99.6% of bad breath germs, help reduce plaque and tartar and help with gum reduction. Yeah, we tested it.

  • How much water should I use?

    You only need 20 ml, which equates to about a mouthful of water. After you use once or twice, you’ll get a good feel for the amount. Don’t worry, you have 58 uses left.

  • This is really strong, am I doing it right?

    If you like your mouthwash strong, then yes! However, we’ve seen many beginners squeeze too hard. We recommend a very light squeeze to get the most uses out of your bottle. But always remember, the strength is up to you.

  • Is it okay for children to use Fly Mouthwash?

    Fly is not recommended for children under the age of 12. We strongly encourage parents to help show how to use the product before allowing their child (12 or older) to use Fly.

  • Is Fly Mouthwash natural?

    Fly Mouthwash is 96% natural. We’ve added artificial coloring so that you’re able to see how much you’re adding to water and sodium saccharin which is an artificial sweetener.

  • What is the source of color in Fly? I’m a vegetarian and would like to know if animal/insect- based colorings (or other ingredients) are used in your mouthwash

    We never test on animals. The colors used in Fly do not contain any by-products from animals. So fear not, animal lovers, swish away.

  • Do I have to rinse Fly out after use?

    Yes, always rinse after use. Do not swallow. We know it tastes great but your stomach may not appreciate it.

  • Is the bottle recyclable?

    The Fly bottle is recyclable in communities that recycle plastic #2. And for that, we thank you!

  • Is it okay to leave a bottle of Fly in my car?

    We recommend against storing Fly in your car for extended periods of time, especially if the temperature is extreme. The best way to store is at room temperature.

  • Can I take Fly on an airplane?

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Fly was specifically designed to pass through TSA security with ease. You’ll never have to waste time buying mouthwash at your destination again.

  • What does Fly stand for?

    Flying is the fastest way to get from point A to B. We designed this with movers, shakers and doers in mind. Also, it’s Fresh Like You ;).

  • Should I be worried about Fly leaking in my purse/bag?

    Fly’s unique bottle and cap have a leak-proof valve that, when closed, keeps your personal items safe. However, try to avoid sitting on it if it’s in your back pocket (you look great, but we weren’t built to sustain a force like that!)