Our Story

Fly Mouthwash was conceived in the spring of 2014 during a stressful time on Florida State's campus, finals week. Exercise Science major and co-founder, Michael Bracciale, was in the libray studying for his last exam.

Worn out, he took a break to grab a coffee and a chicken pesto sandwich from the Starbucks downstairs. After quickly inhaling his meal, Mike was approached by Jessica, his classmate and proclaimed love of his life, who was asking for tutoring help.

As he started going over the material he noticed the grimace on her face, this was no grimace of love. He immediately realized that his lunch break did a number on his breath. He rushed to the bathroom and pulled his pack of gum.

First stick of gum: Soaked up the lunch in his mouth

Second stick: Took out the remains

Third stick:Useless. He didn't want to look like a cow chewing away in her face.

Embarrassed, he made up an excuse to go home. He gargled some mouthwash and slumped back in his chair. That's where he asked himself, "Why isn't there a better way to stop bad breath once you leave you home?" Well, lucky for you, now there is.

The Team

Hello there, I'm Nick (the other co-founder), and the story I just told you above is the reason why Mike came to me with this idea over 3 years ago. Since conception, we've been working diligently to bring you the best product possible so we can stop bad breath disasters like this from happening again. It wasn't easy, but after years of tinkering with the formula we finally nailed it. Along the way, we met some incredible people who made all of this possible. Proudly introducing, the Fly Mouthwash team:

Michael Bracciale

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Telford

Chief Operating Officer

Tracey Priest

Chief Marketing Officer